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Corporate Culture
Update:2015-07-21 15:54:45

Corporate Tenets

  • To benefit the society by safe and suitable smart card technologies.
  • To repay our shareholders by steadily growing business performance.
  • To drive our employees’ growth by the company’s development.
  • Management Philosophy

  • We form and develop core products with proprietary intellectual property rights, provide paid services both upstream and downstream based on our product lines, so as to realize common success with our partners.
  • Corporate Objectives

    Short-term Objectives
  • To make our market share in Chinese financial IC card chips exceed 20%.
  • To make our market share in industrial application IC card chips exceed 30%.
  • To make our market share in intelligent instrument security chips exceed 30%.
  • To make our market share in broadband carriers reach 45%.
  • To make our market share in Ese applications exceed 20%.
  • Long-term Objectives
  • To become a top 3 listed company in China’s security chip design field in 5-8 years after the company’s establishment.
  • To make our products cover smart card chips, mobile financial chips, RF chips, broadband carrier chips, general MCU and other fields.
  • To make our market value exceed RMB 30 billion.
  • Corporate Spirit

  • We dare to be one step ahead.
  • Corporate Values

  • Industry Experts: we make every employee an expert in the industry.
  • Win by PR: we explore extensively, use social relations and resources to open the road for the company’s development.
  • Team Spirit: we reasonably mobilize our employees’ wisdom, strength, experience and other resources, so as to make them produce the biggest scale merit and realize 1+1>2.
  • Mutual Respect and Common Development: our employees are dedicated and motivated, show loyalty to the company and cherish their job opportunities; the company respects our employees’ labor, recognize their contributions and provide them with the space for development.
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